Thursday, July 26, 2012

Piper's First Haircut

Parenting is full of firsts. And each one is beyond exciting and scary at the same time. Mr. R. and I rejoiced when she first sat up, then crawled, then stood, then walked, and now she is a climbing almost running crazy girl. This past month along with running and singing and dancing,  Pip's hair has been growing like crazy. Her bangs started to creep into her eyes and my girl had a full blown mullet in the back. It was decided today was the day of her first hair cut. 
And Miss Priss did not just get a haircut. She rode in a train as she got her hair cut. She also picked out a movie to watch during her haircut. She played with bubbles, had her nails painted in glittery silver polish, got her hair cut, and then she had it braided and got to choose her own accessory. 
Needless to say she loved it! And her hair is adorable. I love her baby bob. 
Another first completed! 

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