Sunday, July 29, 2012

Ninja Date Night

Last week on our trip to the NJ shore Mr. R. and I took some time to stroll in and out of the boardwalk shops. My favorite shops are the t-shirt shops, not to buy, but to laugh at the funny sayings and learn what is in and what is out. We learned that apparently all things NINJA are in. Zombies seem to also be really big right now. Don't ask me why,  I am simply the messenger.

On I saw this adorable ninja themed love note and thus the NINJA DATE was born.
I chose the easy route. I picked up chinese food from Panda express and I found a Ninja episode from the TV show Psych,  (season 5 episode 1). We ate our Chinese, made Ninja masks out of black t-shirts, practiced our best Ninja warrior poses, and then settled onto the couch to watch Psych. Pip was part of this date and happily snuggled between me and Mr. R. 

I like this date because it was quick and easy. Mr. R. needed to pack for his business trip and I had spent most of the day cleaning the house and doing laundry. There just wasn't time for a big elaborate date. Sometimes you just need a few minutes to reconnect and spend time together and takeout and a TV show works for us. Add a cute card or sweet note and I have just made my hubby's day. Trust me it's worth it!

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