Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Northern VA Eats

Mr. R. jokingly calls our trips up north Food Tours. Part of the reason we are so excited to travel back home is it's a chance to visit our old haunts and eat our favorite foods. This trip we were out in the suburbs more than we were in DC so we had the chance to try to new (to us) restaurants. 
If you have read this blog long enough, you know that Mr. R. is frugal and we love findings a good deal or just being able to save a few dollars here or there. We have found that staying in a hotel that offers FREE breakfast is the way to go. Each morning I was able to get coffee, yogurt, a banana, and a bagel for Pip and I to share. 

Our lunches came from Trader Joe's. I have already praised TJ's for their affordable prices on organic freshly prepared foods. Pip and I stopped their for lunch two days and we were able to get a meal,  a salad/side, and a dessert for around $8. Monday's purchases included falafel platter, dolmas, and TJ mini peanut butter cups. Tuesday we had a rueben wrap, 7 layer dip, and cherries.

For dinner Mr. R. and I always try to split a meal. On Monday we spilt soft tacos, but on Tuesday Mr. R. wanted french toast and I wasn't feeling it. (I must admit that Silver Diner does make FANTASTIC French Toast). I opted for a grilled cheese that I shared with Pip. Wednesday we split a salad and pizza combo meal. I don't think any of our dinners came out to over $20 including tip. We have been on a water kick for sometime now and not ordering a beverage from restaurants is a great cost saver. 

We did get dessert on two nights from Pintango gelato. We (as in the three of us) shared the small cup. It looks very small at first glance, but holds two scoops of gelato. It's the perfect amount of portion control. 

On the road we pack a cooler of watermelon, string cheese, goldfish, cherries/grapes, and water (for us) and milk (for Pip). We allow ourselves to stop for one meal, usually breakfast, usually from McDonalds. Pip loves the McDonalds playplace, she gets to stretch her legs and I like their oatmeal. To save on calories ask for oats without the added brown sugar. 

What are your travel money saving tips?

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