Sunday, July 8, 2012

Road Trip 2012

Mr. R. has business in DC this week and Pip and I decided to tag along. We spent 13.5 hours in the car today. We traveled through 5 states. Pip was a champion and took two long naps and two catnaps. Coming back to DC is like visiting an old friend, I feel like we picked up just where we left off. I am looking forward to visiting old friends & favorite haunts and discovering new (to us) places. Hooray! for vacations, err I mean business trips.
Pipture captions: sleeping through GA and SC, Breakfast stop at Mickey D's (McGriddle for Mr. R. and oatmeal and iced coffee for Me (& Pip), Wawa coffee in Petersburg, VA (it's a Jersey thing), Piper driving in Emporia, VA, Goldfish Snack Break in NC, Playing peek-a-boo with Minnie Mouse, Pip demanding watermelon (she ate SO much watermelon! She might float away!), dashboard stretching, and the middle pipture is from right now. She is hogging the king bed! How does something so little take up SO much room?

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