Sunday, July 29, 2012

Single Mama Status

Mr. R. spent last week in Washington on business. I dropped him off at the airport last Sunday morning and we missed him terribly until he returned yesterday afternoon. I wanted to make sure he knew how much we love him and would miss him while he was away so I took to pinterest for a few ideas. I ended up making Mr. R. a gift basket. I knew he would be working very hard while he was away doing trainings, meeting with the big wigs at his company and finishing up grad school work so I wanted to give him a few sweets to jump start his energy level. I picked up the candy at Walmart, made the notecards using cardstock, and wrapped & labeled each gift with the day he was to open it. Pip and I slipped them into his suitcase as a sweet surprise. It was the perfect long distance I love you. 

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