Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I went down to the RESTON ZOO and they all asked for you!

The monkeys asked. The tigers asked. And the elephants asked for you...
Pip is a big fan of animals and animals sounds. Her two favorite books are zoo books and for the past few months we have been working on roars, moos, meows, quacks, and clucks. We spent our Tuesday at the Reston zoo feeding goats and sheep, petting kangaroos, dancing amongst the ducks, and touching the llamas. She thinks pigs and pig snorts are hilarious! Whenever they would nose for food and "oink" at us she would belly laugh and dissolve into giggles.
We also took advantage of the wildlife safari to see a bull, buffalo, antelope, and ostrich.
If Pip could talk I think she would tell you her favorite part of the trip was the camel. She LOVED the camel. And by loved I mean she pet the camel, made faces at the camel, tried to kiss the camel, and cried when the zoo safari wagon pulled away from the camel to take us back to the main entrance. It was love at first hump. 

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