Friday, July 6, 2012

Date #19: The Usual

Miss Rita offered us a night out and without hesitation we said yes and planned for Date #19. We had grand plans of trying a new restaurant that all our friends have been raving about. But as 6:00 drew near and we got in the car to embark on our 2 hours of child free time I turned to Mr. R. and said, how about sushi? 
We love sushi. We have a sushi place 5 minutes from our house that we love. And more often than not when a date night is offered we end up eating sushi. (Tonight Mr. R. tried a soft shell crab roll and it was amazing! )We then walk from the sushi place to Barnes and Nobel to look at travel books, magazines, and people watch. From there we can run an errand, head to the movies, or get ice cream. Tonight I chose ice cream. 

Tomorrow we will have to admit to our friends that the new place still remains new and unfamiliar to us. And that yes, we did the same old routine of sushi and books. And  we will nod and repeat, that yes, we will try the new place someday... but tonight was perfectly, predictable, in a wonderful usual way. 

I included Pip in this collage so you could see Miss Sassy. Here she is telling me "no, no" when being asked to come back inside.  

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