Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Pippy in the city!

Photo captions from left to right:
  • Shopping at Trader Joe's! (TJ's we have missed you and your amazing prices and selection so much! Pretty please come to Fla soon.)
  • We spent our afternoon at the Watermine Swimming Hole. She loved the lazy river and the mini slides.
  • Exhausted post waterpark Pip
  • Suited up in her mini life jacket. She discovered that she could throw herself head first in the water and still float with the life vest. She loves floating!
  • Snack break
  • Super Pip, flying in Mr. R's arms
  • Dinner at Rio Grande Cafe. We loved the steak soft tacos!
  • Pitango Gelato! It is love at first bite. We recommend the chocolate and pear flavors. 
I must also mention our visit with Mr. Knick Knack. He is the DC version of the Wiggles. We gathered with 100 other toddlers to sing and dance to silly songs on Monday morning. Pip loved him and clapped and danced along. The other photos are of our lunch (TJ's falafel) and the Reston geese. All traffic stops for the Reston geese. These guys are like royalty around here!

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