Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Road Trip Day 4: Our last day in DC/VA

Miss Pip and I spent our last day at Frying Pan Park (to see The Great Zucchini) and at Chibis  (an indoor playground). Frying Pan Park is actually a working farm smack in the middle of urban Northern Virginia. Pip, me, and about 150 toddlers took over the farm in order to see The Great Zucchini, he kept my girl's attention for over an hour with singing, pirate tales, dancing, and silly stories. We stopped for lunch at Panera on our way to Chibis. It's basically a store front redesigned into a children's play zone. Pip loved the slides, play kitchen, ball pit, and climbing area. It cost us $5 for 90 minutes of play and it was worth every penny. She napped in the car on the way home and slept for another 40 minutes back at the hotel. 
We hit up the Reston Town Center for an early dinner settling on pizza and more gelato. Pintango with heart you BIG time. We tried the banana this time and it is by far our favorite. And then we called it an early night.  Our next adventure was scheduled to commence at 4:30 AM!

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