Thursday, July 26, 2012

Down Shore

If you are from New Jersey you already know that we call the beach our shore. And that you don't go to the beach, you go down shore. And if you are going down shore at night you are probably headed to the boardwalk. And if you are in Ocean City, NJ and going to the boardwalk you will most likely be eating pizza. Mac and Manco pizza that is. 

 After our days in DC were finished we continued North to New Jersey. Where both Mr. R. and I were born and raised. On Friday night we headed to Ocean City, NJ. Ocean City is featured in almost all of my childhood summer memories. It's were I built my sand castles, learned to swim in the ocean, learned to body board, and where Mr. R. and I kissed for the first time. The boardwalk is home to my favorite foods, pizza, caramel popcorn, and water ice. And it's also home to some many traditions, riding the kiddie coaster with my Dad, taking photobooth pictures with my Mom each Mother's Day, and visiting the Music Pier on Easter Sunday for the Easter Parade.
 Taking Pip to the Jersey Shore for the first time was the highlight of my vacation. I loved every second of our time on the boardwalk. I loved how much she loved the pizza. How excited she was to see all the lights and the people. I loved how she danced and clapped to the music of the amusement park rides and how she ran through the sand to the ocean with my Mom. 

It's official, the Republicans love OCNJ!

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