Monday, January 23, 2012

What we have been up to:

I am sure you have read that our bathroom renovation sucked up 98% of our time last week and this past weekend. But we wouldn't be The Republicans if we didn't try to squeeze in a few other projects/celebrations in the midst of our projects.
Friday & Monday: I am currently elbow deep in frog dissections. My students are LOVING it. And I have to say these kids are troopers. They didn't complain about the smell nor the amount of writing/observing that goes along with a dissection. Today I left school very tired, but so proud of my students!
Saturday: Pip is a crawling machine! Two seconds after this photo was taken she lunged forward and clotheslined Elmo. 
Sunday: My grandparents invited Piper out to breakfast. She has quite the social calendar I tell you! Mr. R. and I were invited as well and we all enjoyed platefuls of pancakes, eggs, bacon and toast. Yum! 
Tonight: My grandparents celebrated 64 years of marriage! Mr. R. and I have five years under our belt and we consider that a feat. I cannot imagine what 64 years feels like. My grandparents are incredible, there love for each other is apparent in every conversation and interaction. When Mr. R. and I grow up we hope to be just like them. Happy Anniversary G & P!

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