Sunday, January 8, 2012


with me little eye...
That was a favorite game of mine to play as a kid. 
Today I needed to squeeze in a mini date with the hubs. We have been spending  a lot of time together in the house. But the time has been house, work, or Piper focused. We needed a bit of fun and sometime to reconnect outside of work and chores. ENTER MINI DATE: I SPY.
One of our favorite places to go is downtown. We love to grab a cup of coffee, walk St. George street, and people watch at the fort. 

With the help of the Dating Divas I combined our favorites into a date. 
Mr. R. and I loaded Pip in the stroller, grabbed the camera, and two water bottles and headed downtown.  I made a list of 25 things we needed to SPY with out little eyes. The person who spies the most items wins. 
I have always loved date nights, but now that we are both working and have our nights devoted to Piper, quality time together, whenever we can swing it, is more important than ever. 

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