Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday, Glorious, Friday

I know I said my Wednesday was almost perfect, but come this morning I was ready for the weekend. Maybe it was the crazy fog, mixed with fire that I had to drive through or maybe it's the full moon or maybe it's the weight of midterm exams and a certain very important certification weighing on me... Whatever the reason I was so ready to kiss this week goodbye and blast music on the way home with my windows down and my hair flying in the wind. As I drove my 20 minute commute, the stress melted and away and I finally felt free. Hallelujah it's the weekend!
I got home just in time for family walk and Friday night 80s dance party. We are big 80's Joel & Elton fans around here. Piper loves Up Town Girl!
I have so many things to look forward to this weekend. Starting my new book, a long run, seeing my BFF and her adorable daughter, a trip to the Town Center, church and a coffee date with Mr. R.
Happy Weekend Friends!
Now stop reading this blog and go live it up!

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