Tuesday, January 10, 2012

In the midst of chaos we find comfort in sameness.

 This week is crazy. I am giving midterms, entering many many graded assignments, and preparing to close my gradebook for the semester. I am also convinced Pip is going through a growth spurt this week. She is completely off schedule, she is refusing to nap, and she wants to eat ALL THE TIME. If I were Gwen Stefani, or Kelly Kapoor, I would be singing about how today was bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S! (FYI: My 2002 self LOVED that song!) I am grateful that even in times of change Mr. R. and I can take solace in our nightly routine. 
4:00 Walk dogs, visit neighbors, catch up on our days
4:45 Pip gets a bottle, dogs get dinner, I run on the treadmill 
(2 miles tonight)
5:30 Start dinner for Mr. R. and me, take Pip's dinner out of the freezer to thaw
(Salmon for us, broccoli carrot & butternut squash apple puree for her)
6:15 - 6:30: Dinner
(We have been really good at eating at the table with no distractions. Tonight's topic of conversation was the UNF debate on the 26th. Check out Mr. R.'s post below if you want to know his pick for the RNC nomination).
7:00: Piper in the tub. We read, we sing, we splash.
7:20: Formula for Pip, hot chocolate for me, tea for Mr. R.
7:40: Goodnight Pip (or so we hope!)
 I blog, catch up on facebook, grab and shower, and head to bed praying Pip sleep until at least 2AM.

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