Monday, January 16, 2012

Bathroom Update Day 2:

The wallpaper is gone, HALLELUJAH!
And now so is the floor.
We weren't planning on taking up the floor just yet, but as most things happen in our household, it just happened! And as per usual, there is a funny story behind it.
We needed to move the toilet tank in order to scrape off the last bit of the blasted shell wallpaper. The bolts that hold the tank to our toilet seat are rusted out so the tank for all future purposes will stay connected. This meant we had to move the WHOLE toilet. We turned off the water, emptied the tank and bowl, detached the toilet from the wall and then tried to move it. We pulled. We pushed. We shoved and the toilet WOULD NOT MOVE. Mr. R. might have also said a few choice words under his breath. He gave the toilet one final pull and by the grace of God it finally moved! But, it pulled up the floor tiles with it. We lost three 12x12 floor tiles to our toilet and made the decision to just continue tearing up tiles.

 This means we are down a bathroom and the to-do list just got a bit longer, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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