Friday, January 20, 2012

The anatomy of our bathroom:

The walls have been painted. (Dolphin gray by Behr)
FYI: In my next life I want to be the person who comes up with the paint color names.
The vanity has been sanded, primed, and now sports two coats of sunshine yellow.
 I just love how bright it is! (The real name of this paint is lemon sorbet, also by Behr).
The vanity doors have been primed and painted.
We debated for a LONG time about what to do with our sink and countertop. Should we buy new, leave it alone, or try to paint it? Buying new didn't make sense unless we were willing to replace the WHOLE vanity. I tried my hardest to ignore it and leave it the UGLY beige it was, but the bright yellow was so fun and happy and builder beige just made me sad. 
In the end we decided to paint and after work today I wiped, sanded, and added the first coat of oil based primer. 
Stay tuned for more updates this weekend! 
Tonight we tackle the floor.

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