Saturday, January 14, 2012

Nothing good happens after 2AM?

There is a show I love, It's called how I met your mother. Mr. R. and I discovered it in 2006, we were newly married, learning to love and live with each other, and the two characters Marshall and Lily seemed to be living our lives, but on a TV screen. We watched our TV twins have similar fights over money, food, jobs, dreams, goals, and kids. 

One of the episodes from season 1, clearly states that NOTHING good ever happens after 2AM. In fact, it goes on to say that if it's after 2AM, you better just head to bed because if you don't you are only asking for trouble. And until this May, I would have agreed to that very sentiment. 

But this morning it is currently 2:45 and up until 10 minutes ago I was feeding a sweet little baby. She smelled of lavender baby lotion. She curled into me, so happy to cuddle and share my warmth. Her milky breath and little sighs melt my heart. Sure, I am tired. And yes, part of me would LOVE if she would sleep through the night. Heck I would be high five-ing the whole neighborhood if she gave me a solid 8 hours. But at the same time those little moments of cuddling, rocking, and bonding are my favorite. They are the good stuff and I know these little moments will not be around forever. maybe, just maybe, a few good things do happen after 2AM.

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