Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Do or do not, there is no try.

Mr. R. was seemingly impressed when I busted out a Yoda quote this morning.

I have been using the word TRY so much lately.

Hilary are you working out?
I'm trying.

Hilary, are you still doing weight watchers?
I'm trying.

Hilary, how are the house projects going?
I'm trying to find time to do them. 

The word try has become my personal cop-out this year. And I am not OK with that. I have been praying that I would find some motivation to get off my duff and accomplish some of the goals I have set for myself this year (and the ones leftover from last year).

Who knew my motivation would come in the form of a little green guy with fuzzy hair and a light saber?
I need to pull on my big girl pants and decide to walk with intention and reach my goals or to sit back accept that I am unwilling to change my current state. This trying business is not working for me. A blog I stumbled across last week talked about intention. If we intend to do something, we schedule time for it, we make a plan, and most likely we accomplish the task. The blogger decided that in 2012 she would walk with intention. She would plan, stick to her schedule, and only make commitments that she intended to complete.

The Jedi inside me is saying it's time to walk with intention. It's time to better manage my time, my diet, and my commitments. That means less time on pinterest, no more facebook stalking, less time to lounge in my sweats, but the payoff... finally being able to say, WHY YES I AM DOING THAT, it was my intention all along.

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