Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Stuffy, sneezy, and tired.

If we were dwarves, living in an enchanted forest, mining for diamonds, those would be our names. Miss Pip is the stuffy one. Her little nose is red and runny. I am not sure if it's teething, her top tooth is coming in, or if she is coming down with the winter crud that all of my students bring to school each day. Pip is currently camped out in her Fisher-Price swing batting at her zoo animals. I am considering myself boy-scout prepared with a nose syringe, saline drops, infant tylenol and pedialite at hand. If the crud is coming I am ready for battle!
Going on with our dwarf analogy, I would be sneezy. What started out as a head cold last Thursday has turned into a full blown sinus infection. The good news I am medicated up and this infection is on its way out. Mr. R. is also taking pity on me and waking up with Pip in the middle of the night. He is a catch :)
And that leads me to Mr. R., he is just plain tired. Between Pip teething, the bathroom renovation, and an increase in workload, my main man needs a holiday or at least a restful weekend. I am thinking an at home spa date is needed. 
Thank Goodness it's Wednesday and the weekend is just one day away!

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