Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Dare I say perfect?

  Today was one of those days that just went right. My students were well behaved, progress monitoring testing went off without a hitch, and most importantly I FINISHED MY FELLOWSHIP APPLICATION!  This application has been weighing on me since October 22nd. Personal information, background information, education, experience, credentials, publications and finally the SIX ESSAYS I was asked to write. I pressed the submit button at 2:15 today. 

And now we wait. Applications take 5-6 weeks to be reviewed and I should get my "yay!" or "ney" in February. Keep those fingers crossed please!
Dinner was also, dare I say perfect? I used another of Stephanie's crock-pot creations to make the main dish, of jerk chicken. 2 chicken breasts, spices, 1/3 cup lime juice, 6 hours in the crock-pot on low = perfection. Once home, Mr. R. and I combined the chicken with blackbeans, sauteed pineapple chunks with onion, and served our Caribbean creation over white rice with goat cheese. So good! 
(If goat cheese is not your thing feel free to omit it).
In our house the end of dinner signals the start of bath time. Pip's new favorite book (along with Les ouefs verts an jambon) is the Chicken Incident at Number 7 Rue Petit. It's actually my childhood book and I am loving reliving the stories I used to love with her. Having kids really is awesome. It's hard and tiring a lot of the time, but moments like this are simply awesome. 
I know you should never say that anything is perfect, but I promise you, today was pretty darn close.

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