Saturday, January 14, 2012

Weekend Lens: Our very sad, long ignored bathroom

Mr. R. and I have lived in Casa Republican for 3.5 years. We have also hated our bathrooms for 3.5 years. I can vividly remember doing a walk through with our realtor thinking I love love love this house, but these bathrooms are really bad. 
Our house is a 1970's concrete block house. It has an open layout, three bedrooms, and our mortgae is the same as our monthly rent used to be back in DC. Did I mention our rent was for a 750 square foot one bedroom apartment? Bad bathrooms or not we knew we couldn't find a better deal. So we handed over every last cent we had and entered into the world of homeownership, 30 year mortage and all. 
Since buying our place we have replaced carpet with wood floors, painted almost every wall, installed sod in the puppy park, chnage the layout of our living and dining room, made an office for Mr. R. and turned a gusest bedroom into a nursery. And most importantly we IGNORED the bathrooms, until today.
The bathrooms contain wallpaper, vinyl flooring that is cracking and peeling, crooked crown molding, loose bathroom tiles, and enough towel holders for the Duggar family.

 As Home Depot would say, Mr. R. and I cranked up our doing dails and finally faced our wallpaper fears. We scraped on and off four 5 hours today. With the help of Zinnser DIF wall paper remover, two scrapers, and a butter knife we have almost 60% of the wallpaper off! Tomorrow we will continue our quest and hopefully I can update you with pictures of a paper-FREE bathroom tomorrow night. 

P.S. I think Mr. R. totally looks like the Brawny Papertowel guy in that shirt. Do you see it too?

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  1. Oh no! You didn't have a steamer? ...and yes, I see the Brawny guy.