Sunday, January 29, 2012

Date Afternoon

Today our amazing sitter, Miss Rita, offered us an afternoon of babysitting. We didn't think twice when accepting her services and planning a date afternoon. 
 1. Epic Theaters for the 12:30 showing of One for the Money. I loved it. Mr. R. agreed is was funny.
2. Apps  & 'sserts at Chilis. As Tom Haverford says, there is nothing in this world that is better.
3. Barned & Noble for magazine reading
4. Target (huggies, formula, and travel food for the Pip)
5. Publix (weekly grocery shopping done!)
We came home to a happy baby who napped TWICE! and can now crawl from room to room with ease.  A few hours away from Piper really does make my heart grow fonder. We spent the rest of tonight playing blocks, reading books, and making farm animal noises. She made it to 7:30 tonight before demanding a bottle and promptly passing out. 

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