Sunday, October 31, 2010

Our Halloween Murder Mystery Rocked!

We mourned the death of Royal T.
We found out Indy Jonas was bankrupt.
And Nicole Wilton is a two timing girl friend...
Toyoka the fashion model made a dress out of serrated knives.
Fiona Finestein turns in her friends to the IRS....
And Gracie Lou Freebush works for the CIA!

Luckily, the murder was identified and brought to justice! Mr. R and I were are so lucky to have awesome friends who dress up in crazy costumes, spend hours analyzing clues, and don't mind their pictures posted in the blogosphere.
The real photog last night was my favorite partner in crime Danielle. She is truly the Shirley to my Laverne. I will post more pics when she gets a moment to upload her collection. Hope you are having an AWESOME Halloween!

And the best Costume prize goes to THE CAPPS! A Christmas Story is a favorite movie around the Republican household and you cannot top a real life leg lamp!


  1. Wow, what a fun party. I'm glad it was a success! I thought the last costume was from A Christmas Story. It's a major award! It's a major award!

  2. What an awesome time! I'm sorry I couldn't make it and hope if there's ever another I still get an invitation!

  3. Sharon you will always be invited! We missed you :( Next year for sure... Tell Matt to start prepping his costume now!