Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Weekend Lens

This weekend was just what I needed. I slept in. It rained like crazy on Saturday. We stayed in playing house, drinking pretend tea, and reading books (Olivia the Pig is the current fave this week). Pip was a princess for most of Saturday night and all day Sunday.
When Pip napped, I napped. I made all of our dinners and lunches in the crock pot. Mr. R. and I caught up on BBC America's Sherlock. We drank homemade pumpkin spice lattes.
We decorated our porch for Halloween. I made pumpkin cookies. . Our dining room table is dressed for fall. Pip is in LOVE with out mummy door. Thank you pinterest :)
Pip and I had a Barnes Date. She found the Backyardigans Halloween book RIGHT AWAY and we read it twice. She visited with Eloise. And we looked at Melissa and Doug play food for her Kitchen Set.
I introduced Mr. R. to World Market. One look at the choose your own beer section and the maple bacon lollipops and he was sold. Did you see the pink wine at the top. It's advertised as maple, bacon, doughnut wine. We didn't buy it, but in my heart of hearts I think it might be amazing!

Rounding out the weekend, Mr. R. mowed the lawn. We had my grandparents over for dinner on Sunday night. And I made pumpkin cookies. My shoulders are no longer up by my ears. I think my dark circles will still require concealer tomorrow... but I am definitely ready to face whatever Monday brings.  

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