Wednesday, October 3, 2012

She's Brilliant!

Just sayin'
We bought this wooden animal puzzle back in March. It was on super sale at Marshall's and Pip was enthralled with the little wooden animals. We brought it home and she proceeded to play with the animals, stack the animals, carry them around in her purse, and occasionally serve them to us in tea time cups. She showed NO interest in learning to place the animals in the puzzle until this weekend. 
For three minutes the house went silent Sunday afternoon and those of you with kids know silence is NEVER a good thing. I went in search of Pip who was actually playing with her puzzle. She was holding the elephant piece, studying the puzzle, and slowly trying to put it in each open spot. When she found its home I clapped and rejoiced. And we continued finding spot for each of the other animals.
When I came home from school today the puzzle was back out on our coffee table and Mr. R. was playing cheerleader. She found a home for all the animals except the alligator. After she finished, she looked up at me and said "good girl".  
Yes, sweet girl you are a good girl. 
Very good, very smart, and the best thing that ever happened to your dad and me.

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