Monday, October 1, 2012

Hello Monday!

Monday morning greeted me at 4:00AM with a screaming baby who is once again teething. Molars and incisors are the worst! Pip joined me in our bed at 4:10 and we slept together until 6:30 when I realized that I needed to go to work and raced around the house grabbing clothes, shoes, lunch, and my laptop. I am slightly amazed I made it to work with matching clothes and shoes on.
This weekend was slow and easy. Pip ran a slight fever all day Saturday and Sunday and while I now know it was due to teething we opted to stay in, love on our girl, watch a ZILLION episodes of Micky Mouse Clubhouse, and load up on Emergen-C vitamin C drink. 
This means, I don't have any adventures from the weekend to write about. Instead I leave you with weekend quips.
1. New earrings from Mr. R. Don't they look anthro esque?
2. We are finally hosting a mustache bash! Get ready friends it's going to be epic.
3. I made every excuse not to run all weekend, but I gave in to a two mile run on Sunday afternoon. After, I felt the best I had in days.
 4. We celebrated my friend Rachel's birthday on Wednesday and I got to see my very best teacher friends all in one place and drink margaritas.
5. Pip's best friend Harper was also at the party and they spent some time sizing each other up. I love how babies check each other out. Mr. R. and I joke they have their own unspoken code of conduct.

6. Pip got new kicks again. We decided she needed actual sneakers for all the walks she is now taking. She chose light up Princess shoes with glitter. Could she be anymore girly?
7. I made pumpkin butter cake and more pumpkin snickerdoodles. The pumpkin cake is seriously amazing. That being said, I DO NOT want to know how many weight watchers points are in each slice.
8. Mr. R. and I had an Avengers date Friday night. He planned the date, rented the movie, and picked up take-out for dinner. All I had to provide was the sparkling conversation :)

9. I had to stop at Target tonight to pick up supplies for a lab tomorrow. Miss Pip found the Halloween aisle and has big plans for trick or treating this year. My girl needs two pumpkin buckets!
10. I made baked apples for dessert on Saturday. I stuffed ours with oats, maple syrup, and dried cherries. I have eaten one every day since.
11. I have the patterns cut out for Pip's Halloween costume.
 I'm not ready to share details yet, but I will tell you it requires fabric paint, lots of felt, soy sauce.
Later Gators!

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