Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is my Mom's Birthday. Now that I am a Mom I realize how hard it is to balance work, family, social commitments, and my own personal time. Growing up my Mom made motherhood look easy. In my memories from childhood my mom is smiling, laughing, crafting, playing and singing. My mom never missed a recital, she made it to every swim meet, she opened our home to friends, neighbors, and my school/college/and now adult friends. My mom went back to school twice during my childhood, yet she seemed to always be available to meet our families needs. She never let graduate school projects or deadlines phase her or us. My mom is the teacher and mother equivalent of super man. 
She is unconditionally loving, amazingly patient, and a crafter extraordinaire . She can sew dance recital outfits, bake and decorate birthday cakes, and design websites. My mom is effortlessly stylish, always kind, and deep down she has just the right amount of Jersey sass. When people tell me I look or act like my mother I wear it as a badge of honor. She is who I aspire to be.
Happy Birthday Mom!

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