Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Mini Me

Last night Pip and I played house before her bath time. I watched her prepare dinner in her little house, "wash" dishes, take care of her baby doll Amelia, and drive her car. And as I was watching her I realized she is emulating me. She prepared dinner while talking on her play cellphone. She held the phone in the crook of her neck while she stirred the spoon in her pot. When she "washed" dishes she she babbled to the dogs and moved the pots and utensils into her cabinet, just like I do.  She rocked her baby and read her a story, just like I do with Pip before bed. And lastly before driving off in her car she grabbed her purse, her cellphone, and her sunglasses. She then got in the car with all three and put the sunglasses on her face before she waved goodbye. 
I had no idea her little eyes were watching me so much. She mimics my hand motions, my mannerisms, and now she repeats my words! This girl keeps me on my toes. 

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