Saturday, October 27, 2012

Halloween Costume Prep

This morning I sat at our dining room table with a cup of coffee, white fabric paint, and two paint brushes in hand. This Saturday morning is all about Halloween costume prep.

My dad was the art teacher for my town's elementary and middle school. Growing up I have memories of him sitting at our kitchen table with a cup of coffee and paintbrush, sculpting tools, pastels, or chalk in hand. He was always working on a new project idea for his students. Incorporating new techniques and new styles of art. It was never an unusual sight to see him with bottles of Elmer's glue, a bag from a local art store, a black canvas waiting for inspiration, and my dad lost in thought trying to take the idea from his head and transport it to the page.
Today I imagined him sitting with me at my table. Discussing how to take the idea in my head and make it a reality on fabric. I am sure he would have loved to help chalk outline my paint stencil, he would have had great ideas on how to accentuate the curly cues on my costume, and we would have laughed as Pip paraded through the dining room in random parts of our costumes mixed in with elements from her dress up box.
I am grateful I had 18 years with my dad. I am thankful that his artistic qualities rubbed off on me. And I cherish all those mornings and Sunday afternoons spent at our table painting, crafting, talking, and laughing. I would give anything for him to meet Pip. For him to see her dressed in her Halloween costume this year. But at the same time I am okay that he is gone. I know his memory lives on. Every time I pick up a paint brush, every time I buy a new box of crayons, every time we do chalk art on our wall... my dad is still with me.

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