Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tickle Monster

Now that I am back to work I am not able to attend Barnes and Noble's Wednesday story hour. Miss Pip still goes with Miss Rita, but I am left out of the loop. Luckily we discovered that Barnes has online story hour! 
Saturday afternoon Pip and I curled up on our chaise, grabbed the lap top, and settled in for The Tickle Monster authored and read by Josie Bissett. 
She loved it. And loved it. I pretended to be the monster and as she read aloud I attacked Pip's toes, tummy, knees, and neck and armpits with my tickle monster hands. We actually played the story twice making sure to throughly tickle each body part named by the Tickle Monster. 
I think our story time only lasted 15 minutes, but it made my day.
We laughed, we tickled, she ran, I chased her and we laughed some more.
Thank you Barnes and Noble for making these great books available. 
P.S. Amazon sells the book complete with the tickle monster glove. 
I think this set needs to go on Pip's Christmas list this year!

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