Sunday, August 5, 2012

Date 21: A Very Tom Haverford Date

Mr. R. is a big fan of NBC's Park and Recreation. Having worked in both local and federal government he sympathizes with the plight of Leslie Knope and he simultaneously wants to be Ron Swanson. My favorite park of the show is Leslie's assistant  Tom Haverford. Tom loves shiny things, skin and hair care products, dancing, loud clubbing music, and his favorite meal is made up of only appetizers and desserts. He also created a designated holiday called "Treat Yo'Self" where he selfishly spends lavish amounts of money on gifts for himself.
This weekend has been a bit of a treat yo'self weekend for Mr. R. and me. Our county had tax-free shopping and we headed to the outlets today to take advantage of the sales and the lack of sales tax. I scored new black work pants and jeans. And Mr. R. treated himself to three new dress shirts. Next on our list was Target for the usual body wash, face wash, and baby wipes. But with Tom Haverford on my mind I added a few new skincare products to the mix, Say Yes to Tomatoes facial mask, coconut k-cups, and Burt's Bees body scrub.  For dinner tonight I served apps (cheeseburger dip with baguette slices) and 'zerts (cakebatter dip) with fresh fruit. As I type this, my belly is full, my new jeans are in the wash, and Mr. R. finishing up his homework with Parks and Rec playing in the background. I think we made Tommy H. proud. 

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