Sunday, August 26, 2012

London Staycation

Friday: Our London staycation started with afternoon tea service, mugs of milky tea and roasted peaches with goat cheese, walnuts, and honey. We made a promise to leave our stresses at the front door for the weekend.
 I always dream of taking a vacation where I can book spa treatments so I decided to set up a few of my own for after Pip went to bed. Body scrub and facial? Yes please! 
Mr. R. and I set up a couch date for 9:00 PM to see London from the bottom up.
 (Thank you Cities of the Underworld).
 Saturday Morning we headed to Brighton (aka our local beach). There was Piper chasing, shell hunting, and some sand eating. She has to try the sand each time and then she spits it out and looks horrified that we let her eat it.  

Our afternoon consisted of more mugs of milky tea, shortbread, and naps.
When we visited London a few years ago we were amazed by the number of Indian take-away (fast food) shops. I wanted to incorporate that into our staycation as well. So after church we settled into bowls of crockpot Indian Curry and the new Sherlock Holmes DVD.
 This morning I slept in. We drank more coffee. 
We took a long walk around the neighborhood.

I am so loving this weekend.

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