Monday, August 13, 2012

Tea for Three

 While my Mom was visiting, Mr. R. and I took advantage for her babysitting service to spend an afternoon rearranging our house and making more room for Pip to play. We ended up turning our once formal dining room into a spacious playroom. She loves it and I love not having baby toys all over our house. One of the major advantages to our new setup is that her playhouse has come inside. 

If you have ever lived or visited Florida in August and September, you know that it's HOT and by HOT I mean it feels like we are living on the sun. It's too hot to spend hours outside playing house and kitchen, but it's perfectly acceptable to bring the playhouse inside and spend hours drinking tea on Piper's porch. 

She loves to pour the tea using her singing teapot and she is a big fan our serving up her tea biscuits. Although she always saves the chocolate, or should I say brown colored,  one for herself. Don't you dare try to sneak it away from her either. She always knows when it is missing. 
 Up next, to finally finish her play kitchen and felt food. This girl is a hostess in training!

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