Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Piptures @ 14 months.

Pip turned 15 months on Sunday and I thought it was time for a little blog update on life with our little lady. 
Pip is in LOVE with animals. Her favorite is the elephant, followed very closely by the lion and the monkey. When I was pregnant the idea of an animal themed nursery seemed perfect for the sassy little girl growing in my belly. Little did I know how much she'd love these animals. She can pick out an elephant, lion, monkey, cow, pig, and chicken in pictures and books. She is able to mimic almost any animal sounds and she can sing and dance along to Old McDonald. 

Piper loves accessories. She is a big fan of her Daddy's baseball caps, my purses, and sunglasses. She wears her sunglasses upside down most days. She continues to like hair barrettes and bows, but her true love is shoes. We bought her two pairs of glittery sneakers and she tries to wear them ALL the time. She tried to wear them to bed last weekend!

Bath time is still a favorite and the more bubbles the better. She makes bubble beards, bubble hats, and tries to cover her bath toys in suds. 

She is VERY independent. She wants to feed herself, walk by HERSELF (as in she refuses to hold our hands anymore, and pick out her own toys. I am loving that we changed our bookcase into a toy cabinet that she can reach. All her toys are at her level and totally accessible. 

Pip and the pups. Right now she takes great pride in sharing her meals and snacks with the pups. Of course, they are more than willing to share her spoils. She also loves to hold their leashes and pretend to walk them. 

  • Almost 30 inches
  • 23 pounds
  • Favorite book: Roar Roar Peekaboo, complete with almost all the jungle animal sounds
  • Favorite foods: black beans, corn, sweet potatoes, soft pretzels, craisins, and avocado
  • Favorite activities: singing, dancing, and giving kisses
  • Favorite clothes: her pink tutu and her glitter shoes

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