Monday, August 13, 2012

Moo. Moo. MOO!

This summer we have been working on recognizing animals and animal sounds. We started with the safari animals that adorn the walls of her room and now thanks to a few new books and an awesome Melissa and Doug farm animal sound puzzle we have moved onto farm animals. As far as we can tell her favorite farm animal is the cow. When ever she sees a cow in books, TV, or even the Chick Fil A cow on a billboard she moos with all her might. And of course Mr. R. stop everything we are doing and praise her for being so smart and so good at making the cow sound. 
Mr. R. was in charge of story time the other day and Miss Pip decided to ad lib the cow part. I wish I had video for you, but just imagine a little voice saying, "moo. moo. moooooo. MOOOOO!. moo. moo. ROAR!" We are thinking that maybe the cow got really mad at the end or maybe he was eaten by a lion. 

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