Monday, August 20, 2012

The twins are ONE!

Two years ago Charlie and I sat in my classroom sharing the burden on infertility. I had miscarried early that spring and Mr. R. and I had started talking about life without children or choosing the root of IVF. Charlie and Courtney knew our story of trying, hoping, prayer, and loss. Soon after that conversation Jeff and I discovered I was pregnant with Pip and being the awesome friends that Charlie and Courtney are, they rejoiced in our good news. Five months later I received a phone call from Charlie. He left an elated message stating Courtney was eight weeks pregnant and they would be the proud parents of twins! Courtney attended my baby shower, we shared crazy pregnancy stories, and I watched her belly grow. She and Charlie visited us and celebrated when Piper finally made her appearance. Mr. R. and I rejoiced when Charlie texted the twin's first pictures.
We were honored to take part in celebrating the twin's first birthday on Saturday. Happy Birthday boys! You are SO loved!

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