Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring Break Day 2:

My friend Meg once said that the difference between working in the home and out of the home is the type of exhaustion you face. Teaching can be mentally exhausting at times. The lesson plans, meetings, parent emails/phone calls, and conferences can leave me mentally drained by the time I walk out of the school  doors and into my car. 
Being a stay at home mom is physically exhausting. This little girl keeps me on my toes. 
 Today, we headed to Target to pick up a Easter gift for Mr. R. and some household necessities. We came home in time for a morning nap for Pip and a workout for me. 
We met a few friends at the splash park in the afternoon and then to Barnes and Nobel to read a few Easter books and check out the new magazines. 
Luckily, Pip is still going to bed around 7:00 PM, enough time for me to catch up on my sleep and replenish the energy reserves for tomorrow. 

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