Saturday, April 21, 2012

Happy Birthday Mr. R.!

Mr. R. turns 30 tomorrow!
Mr. R. was being difficult about his birthday this year, although who I am I to talk, I wasn't too excited about turning 30 either. We decided not to do a BIG party this year and instead celebrate with our little family. I personally think 30 calls for cupcakes and champers so we will be having both tomorrow. 
Along with not wanting a party Mr. R. felt he didn't really want/need anything in the gift department either. So I racked my brain for something fun and frivolous. 
Enter the best homemade gift I ever made: The Birthday Bouquet!
 Mr. R. is always in need of dress socks because our dryer eats them. I rolled each sock into a rosebud and attached it to a wooden dowel. 4 pair of socks = 8 flowers. I knew Mr. R. wouldn't appreciate a vase so I paced his "flowers" in a mason jar. Since socks are not the most exciting b-day gift ever I included a few gift cards to Mr. R.'s most favorite places.
We are big on clues here at Casa de Republican. So I included a clue for each gift card on the individual envelopes. 

I had a blast making and planning this gift and I am hoping he loves it too. 

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