Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Eleven Months

Pip turned 11 months old last Thursday.
In one month my little baby will be ONE YEAR OLD.
 Seriously people, how did this happen?
This month brought fast crawling, pulling up on everything, standing unassisted and almost walking. Pippa will walk while holding our hands or holding on to the coffee table, but she isn't ready to actually let go and walk on her own.
Piper loves her some music this month. Miss Rita introduced her to Little Einsteins on the Disney Channel and each episode is filled with classical music. Pip loves to dance and shimmy to the music. She also has become of a big fan of her Daddy's  drum sticks and the xylophone on her walker. 
Pip tried black olives this month along with peanut butter and jelly, ham, corn casserole, and vegetable soup. She still loves broccoli, carrots, sweet potatoes, couscous, peas and peppers. She has also discovered that mandarin oranges squirt juice if your squeeze them. If you are ever feeding her oranges, consider yourself warned :)
Pip met the Easter Bunny this month and treated him with great suspicion. She is still very shy with strangers and does not like to be touched by people she does not know. Once she feels comfortable she becomes her giggly smiley self, but it takes her a bit to warm up to someone new. 
Pippa loves books! She has a few favorites that she demands to read daily and each night we pics one or too more from her bookshelf. Her current book of choice is Yucky Yucky the story of Oscar the Grouch. 
Right now I am in the midst of 1st birthday planning. These past eleven months have been amazing, exhausting, and full of firsts. And while I would love to hold on to this babyhood for a little bit longer and I loving the little person that Miss Pip is becoming.
Hooray for month 11!

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