Monday, April 2, 2012

Her 1st Fundraiser

If you have been around these parts a while you know Mr. R. is very political. He loves a good race and I think it should be noted that he loves a good underdog race even more. Mr. R. loves the research side of politics, he loves to look at zoning districts, map lines, fundraising breakdowns, and election turnouts. He is currently volunteering on one campaign and is providing advice and contacts for several others.
 Pip and I were able to meet one of the candidates for Florida State House last Tuesday. We attended a fundraiser at Riverhouse in Downtown Saint Augustine. The venue is gorgeous and if I were getting married/hosting a big event it would totally be my first choice. Pip was well behaved and made the most of extra attention from the invited guests and candidates. She even sampled the cheese and vegetable crudites.
We made it home by quarter to seven. Just in time for a bath and bottle for Pip and a crock-pot dinner for the Mr. and me.

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