Saturday, December 3, 2011

December Daily: TWO

Our hometown of St. Augustine comes alive at Christmas. From downtown light displays, to the island with it's street light decorations, to the Amphitheater's Winter Wonderland, St. Augustine is one of my favorite places to spend Christmas. I highly doubt we will ever spend Christmas anywhere else now that Miss Pip is in the picture.
Last night we ventured to the Amphitheater for the light display at Winter Wonderland. Pip loved the lights, the giant tree, the elves, the horses pulling the sleigh. She is at the age were lights are mesmerizing. Her little face was just in awe.
She was also enthralled with this guy!
Piper loved Santa! 
I have to say that Mr. R. and I were in complete shock! Pip is usually not a fan of strangers, she clings to Jeff and I for dear life. But Santa, he made the cut! She went right to him and gladly stayed on his lap for multiple pictures. 

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