Wednesday, December 7, 2011

December Daily: SEVEN

Pip is definitely a morning person. This week she has been trying to push up her morning wake-up call. In fact this morning she was up at FOUR A.M. ready to play. Considering I had just fed her at midnight, Mr. R.  took the 4AM shift. He says she played for a solid hour in her walker spinning the alphabet wheel and babbling away.
I am pretty sure girlfriend has some sass. Her babbles are getting more vocal and deliberate. She will stare right at me and bang on the table or toy until she gets her point across. This usually results in me grabbing every possible toy, pacifier, or book in sight in hopes to appease the princesses wishes.

Mr. R. wants me to include that this picture was taken during tonight's 80's dance party. Pip is a big fan of the Go-Gos.

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