Wednesday, December 14, 2011

December Daily: THIRTEEN

Last night we celebrated Piper's 7th month. And let me tell you she is getting sassy in her old age. Miss Pip is scooting, grabbing, and babbling. She stacks her tower of rings, turns pages in books and eats two meals a day. 
Currently her favorite place to be is in my arms, riding along in the jogging stroller or in Mr. R.'s lap. 
She still loves her walker and will spend up to 40 minutes spinning her alphabet wheel, grabbing at the bumble bees and butterflies, and staring at herself in the flower mirror, usually at four in the morning.
We are convinced Pip is going to talk soon. She has started clicking her tongue, blowing bubbles, and making vowel sounds in a continuous stream. I am still hoping that her first word will be Mama, but I have some tough competition. Mr. R. whispers "dada" in her ear all day long AND both my father-in-law and grandfather are lobbying for Pop-pop and Palsy (Pal-Z). 
Our highlight this month was Pip's visit with Santa. She met jolly old St. Nick and not a tear was shed. I am not so sure we will be as lucky next year! We have also been attending Saturday night church. Pip is much better at night than in the morning so 4 P.M. church seems to agree with her nap schedule.
She is still taking two - three naps a day. One long nap in the morning (2-3 hours), a thirty minute nap in the afternoon, and another 1.5 - 2 hour nap in the afternoon. 
Teething is still going strong at Casa Republican and we can see one bottom and one top tooth poking through. Pip has been a champ through the teeth process, but I must say I will be forever grateful for Hyland's Teething tablets and Baby Orajel. 
I am so excited to be celebrating my favorite holiday with Piper in 13 short days. I know she will not remember the traditions and celebrations we created for her this year. But I will cherish these moments and these candid photos forever.
Happy SEVEN months Baby Girl!

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