Friday, December 23, 2011

December Daily: Twenty

Pitman Grove Lights
Back when Mr. R. and I were first dating he invited me to Pitman, New Jersey to help him put up and decorate his Grandmother's tree. As a thank you he treated me to a donut from the Pitman bakery and a trip to Pitman Grove to see the Hagerty Lights. 

We continued this tradition for two more years and then we moved away and created new traditions in DC and now Florida. Last year we visited Pitman lights when Pip was an 18 week bean in my belly. I was so morning/afternoon/night sick that my Pitman bakery donut wasn't even appetizing. 
But this year we continued the tradition with Piper in tow. My mom and Todd also joined us. We tried the peanutbutter and jelly donuts (so good!) and checked out a few more houses on Main Street. 

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