Tuesday, December 13, 2011

December Daily: TWELVE

I am just five short days away from seeing my family. I have a Christmas countdown on my front board. I am belting Mariah and Celine Christmas albums on my way home from work. I bought a new supply of scotch-tape for my master wrapping session later this week. And our Christmas cards were delivered last night. 
The hustle and bustle usually makes me feel rushed during the holiday season. But this year I am just plain excited. This year we have Piper to make us slow down. No matter what we are having homemade dinners at the table, we are reading Christmas stories at night, we are slowing down the car to stare in awe at Christmas lights, and drinking gingerbread tea before bed. 
 Last night on the advice of a friend we placed Piper under the tree to stare at the lights and touch the low hanging ornaments. Her own little version of Christmas magic. She LOVED it!

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  1. Having a child a Christmas makes it so fun! Norah is in love with everything Christmas too! We love seeing Christmas through her eyes! Enjoy!
    And Pip is the cutest!! :)