Monday, December 26, 2011

12 dates of Christmas

Each year I give Mr. R. 12 dates for Christmas. 
I plan the date activity, choose the day we will take the date, make reservations if needed, and give Mr. R. little clues as to when and where we are going. 
(This will be our 4th year of the Date of the Month Club!)

We had a blast in 2009 (we were new to St. Augustine and I planned dates to help us get to know our new home and the surrounding counties.) In 2010, we were saving to go to London so our dates were planned on a budget. (We had in home movie dates, star gazing, indoor camping, and attended free festivals and concerts downtown). 2011 threw us for a loop, pregnancy did not agree with me and once Miss Pip arrived we didn't want to leave her. (To be honest, I have a hard time getting a sitter at night to this day). So we only completed 3 of our 12 planned dates.

2012 is the year we turn 30! It's the year our daughter will turn one! It's the year we celebrate ten years together! And I am determined to carve out one night/day each month to spend time with Mr. R. just the two of us. 

12 dates in 2012!
Here is the rundown.
Dec: Sherlock 2 & a coupl'a pints at Meehan's Pub
January: Mini Golf
February: Mellow Mushroom Date (Anderson, SC) 
March: Jacksonville Zoo with Pip
April: Kayaking & Picnic Lunch (at the state park)
May: Picnic Lunch (with offerings found at the Farmer's Market) at the Fort
June: Stand Up Paddle-boarding Lesson (@ Salt Run)
July: Ice Cream Date & Side Walk Chalk
Aug: Sushi & Saki Date
Sept: Food Tour 
(Mr. R. and I keep talking about trying all of these new places popping up around town. For this date we will pick three and choose an appetizer off of each menu and split it).
Oct: pumpkin carving/CornMaze with Pip
Nov: Coffee and magazine picnic at the fort. 
(We'll pick up coffee and something sweet at the Bunnery and then walk to the fort for an afternoon of reading and chasing Piper).


  1. Love all the Christmas posts! Pip is the cutest! We are really bad about having planned date nights by ourselves...usually for us to get a babysitter it is something planned with other people. But I am determined to have more date nights for 2012 with just hubby and me. I am trying to convince him that we need one tomorrow night! :)

  2. I love this idea and your planned dates! Happy Dating for 2012.