Monday, October 10, 2011

Someone's in the kitchen with Mr. R. (and it's not Dinah!)

Piper is really into being right where Mr. R. and I are. No more just laying on her playmat or hanging out in the Bumbo. She wants a ringside seat to all the action. 
Normally I cook dinner and Mr. R. entertains the Pip, but tonight he announced he was DYING of hunger and could not wait for me to prep the meal by myself. That left us with two options. Succumb to the quick food gods of takeout or find a way to engage Pip and cook at the same time. 
Enter Mr. R.'s high chair (yes, this was his chair back in the day) and the cart cover. (The cart cover keeps Pip from slipping out of the chair). She happily played with her purse and Sophie the giraffe and we had dinner made in 35 minutes.
Not bad for a Monday!