Friday, October 28, 2011

Currently working on my Plans B, C, and D

My irons are in the fire. 
As much as I say I like things to be calm and restful, to stay the same, and just enjoy the simplicity of life. The real truth is I am always looking at the mountain wondering what is on the other side. 
Three cheers for trying something new and embracing the scary.
Pip Pip Hooray!


  1. OMG, what's going on??? Maybe I need to come see you next weekend and get the scoop? Speaking of, sorry I haven't RSVP's yet. I know, very rude. Still deciding...

  2. I understand about the RSVP. Of course I am rooting for you to come and visit! I need to see your rings and hear 1st person about the wedding adventure. And of course Kristin and Danielle and Rachel want to see you too. Nothing is going on just yet, but as usual I have a plan :)