Sunday, October 2, 2011

No Soup for You!

That is by far my most favorite Seinfeld episode ever. I love how George attempts to haggle an unhaggleable man and how Elaine refuses to follow the rules. I laugh every time he takes away their bread, charges them more money for less items, and then deems them unworthy of his soup. That one episode just might be worthy of us buying that Season on DVD.

But that is not the point of this blog post. 
My long winded story was just an introduction to SOUP WEEK!
Mr. R. and I have been struggling the prepare healthy meals during the week. Last week I ended up stopping at Publix almost every day after work buying ingredients for that night's dinner. Those little shopping trips eat into my workout time and cost me more money in the long run. Our weekly grocery budget was beyond blown and we weren't actually sitting down to eat dinner until almost 8 PM. That just doesn't work for me. So today I pulled out the soup pot, the slow cookers, and the ziploc tupperware.
And I can proudly say SOUPS ON!

Pumpkin Blackbean Soup: Rachel Ray

Taco Soup: Paula Deen

Crockpot Chicken Salsa Soup: Stephanie O'Dea

Photo by Stephanie O'Dea

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