Wednesday, October 19, 2011

And it was Wednesday.

The temperature has dropped and that means the windows are open, the porch is our new hangout spot, and dinners are eaten outside. I find myself running out of work excitedly anticipating our next family adventure. Today our family of five, (the pups totally count as family members), took off for a two mile jaunt around the big lake. 
 We returned home for book time. (Where books are read and sometimes eaten). And finally we settled in for chicken curry (with eggplant, sweet potatoes, onion, and peppers) and carrots for the Pippy.
Today wasn't particularly exciting, but it was wonderfully predictable.The entire nine months I was pregnant I could not imagine what life with Pip would be like and now that she is here I can't remember what we used to do before her arrival. I feel like we used to be always on the run, playing catch up, and planning for the next big event. And now, I am learning this new phase of my life is not about where we are going or who are are seeing or trying to impress. This new stage is going to be filled with stories, giggles, bedtime rituals, family dinners, and family strolls. I think I like this new stage very much. 

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